More than just file transfers

Resourcefully is for when you need more than just a file transfer solution. You want to provide a wealth of resources to customers, salespeople, or others that represents your organization's breadth of knowledge on a subject. A resource portal allows them to search through the provided materials and find exactly what they are looking for.

Effortless Search

Amazing advanced search capability out of the box, type ahead results and incorrect spelling fuzzy matching.

Secure Documents

WordPress and other solutions can leave your documents vulnerable to being found by Google or anonymous users.

Document Analytics

View reports of popular document downloads by users and which categories are accessed the most.

User Groups

Segment your users into groups and give them special permissions to view only certain documents.

Any file type

You can upload documents of all sorts: Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Zip, Text, as well as Links, and video embeds!

Easy Categorization

Organize and categorize your documents so that members will be able to drill down on a subject to quickly find what they are looking for.

Start your own resource portal today.

Don't spend months and hundreds of developer hours reinventing the wheel. Our resource library software gives you the ability to spin up a content portal quickly and easily.